Who can join ASTW?

The ASTW has seven membership categories:
1. Full Writer members
2. Associate Writer members
3. Public Relations members
4. Digital Travel Influencers
5. Friends of the ASTW
6. International Affiliate members
7. Honorary and Life members

Full Writer members are writers, broadcasters or photographers who: (a) are the designated travel editor or broadcaster for a publication, website or station of considerable repute; or (b) write, broadcast or photograph professionally in a freelance capacity to an extent that satisfies the ASTW committee (see below for more details).

Associate Writer members are part-time writers whose output of work is less than that of Full members, but who are engaged in professionally producing a sufficient volume of travel matter to warrant Associate membership.

Note: All new writer members, except editors, will initially be designated Associate Writer members. Their membership status is then reviewed during the substantiation process in April the year after they join, to determine if they qualify for full membership.

Public Relations members act on behalf of an airline, tour operator, national tourist office, hotel or other recognised travel industry organisation and must have been in their current position for at least six months to be eligible for membership.

For information on how to join the ASTW, please click here.

Digital Travel Influencers * new in 2016/17  Digital Travel Influencers are leaders within their communities with powerful social network and industry-wide credibility across digital platforms including, but not limited to, blogs and Instagram.

Friends of the ASTW
This category is for members who have different things happening in their lives – maybe they are travelling, undertaking study but still involved in the travel industry. Friends of the ASTW receive many of the benefits including a membership card each year, access to the STW website and closed Facebook page along with invites to events. Friends of the ASTW may be drawn onto be a judge, buddy a new member to an event or even mentor a new member.

International Affiliate Members
Existing ASTW members who move overseas may become an International Affiliate. They retain the voting rights and privileges of their original category. Other International Affiliates including, but not limited to, Australians working overseas who have not been ASTW members before, may be admitted as determined by the Committee and will have rights and privileges similar to those of Associate members.

Honorary and Life members
Awarded to those that have done above and beyond.
View the ASTW list of Life and Honorary Members