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The Australian Society of Travel Writers Incorporated (ASTW) is the most highly respected travel media body in Australia.  Founded in 1975 and incorporated in 2011, it is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to promoting ethical and honest travel, and the unbiased reporting of it. Members include travel editors, travel journalists, digital publishers and PR representatives.

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“For me, the ASTW is a home base of sorts, an anchor in this constantly evolving industry and a community that’s invaluable for those of us who so often work and travel solo. Most of my travel media colleagues and friends I met through the ASTW, I’ve learned new skills and made new contacts through the ASTW’s webinars and other professional development events, I’ve honed my writing by entering the ASTW’s travel writing awards every year. It’s a vital part of Australia’s travel media landscape.”

“It can be easy for PRs to be a little afraid of the media – the writers, the editors, the content creators – who have the power to vet our pitches. So, we have a choice: we can grow a thick skin, or we can get to know the hearts and minds of the people behind the bylines and learn what motivates them to choose “yes”. Whether you are starting out in your career or finding yourself stuck and wanting to bounce ideas with some of Australia’s best travel media, the ASTW offers a friendly space for formal and informal networking and learning. It also affords the chance for PRs to buddy up with an industry associate and tackle some of the challenges we face in our own profession.”