Photography videography awards calendar

Here’s a list of photography and videography awards to mark in your diary.
Image by Jocelyn Pride

Mid 2018 – Mid 2019 Awards

What: Xposure annual international competition

Several categories including travel, architectural, street and short film

Who: Open to anyone over 18 living anywhere in the world

When: 2018 entries close 30 August

How: Free to enter.,1052

What: International Photography Awards (Lucie Awards)

Highly respected competition with various categories including nature, people, editorial

Who: Professional and non-professional photographers – world wide competition

When: 2018 competition closed on 31 August.

How: Entry fees are US$35 for a single image and each additional is 20% off. Submission fees go to supporting the Lucie Awards and Foundation programs. Comprehensive guidelines on the website.

What: Hawai’i Magazine annual photo contest

Who: world wide competition

When: 2018 entries close 14 September 2018

How: Entry fee = US$4.99 per entry (limit of 8 entries per person). Only photos of Hawaii are eligible and must have been taken after January 2016. Specific guidelines are on the website.

What: Australian Photography Awards

Popular competition that looks for ‘original thought provoking imagery’. Various categories including portrait, landscape, documentary, mobile and wildlife.

Who: Australian citizens (ok if living overseas)

When: 2018 competition closes 16 September 2018

How: Cost AU$25 per entry.

What: The Ultimate Traveller video competition

Who: world wide competition

When: 2018 entries close in last September (there’s a countdown on the website)

How: Specific guidelines on the website. Sponsored by Cover-More travel insurance

Free to enter. Website has quite specific guidelines and current entries are displayed as 

they’re uploaded.

What: Capture magazine photography awards

Annual event with several categories including travel, photojournalism, landscape and portrait.

Who: Australasian competition for emerging photographers

When: Call for the 2019 competition will go out in October 2018.

How: Entry fees will be listed on the website with early bird specials.

What: Australian Photography Photographer of the Year

All images must have been taken after 1 June 2017. Several categories including wildlife, landscape, black & white, aerial.

Who: Freelance writers and photographers are only eligible to enter if they haven’t contributed to Australian Photography or Capture magazines since 14 June 2016.

When: 2018 entries close on 15 November

How: Costs to enter are based on date the portfolio is submitted – e.g. standard 11 Sept – 31 Oct =AU$15.00. Australian Photography magazine also runs monthly competitions based on themes.

What: Wildlife Photographer of the Year

A prestigious competition and exhibition of winners run by the Natural History Museum UK. Various categories including animal portraits, Earth’s environment, animal behaviour, underwater, wildlife photojournalist photo story (up to 10 images) and many more.

Who: The competition is open worldwide to amateurs and professionals.

When: 2019 entries open on 22 October 2018 and close 13 December 2018.

How: A one off non refundable fee of UK£30 for each entrant. This allows the entrant to submit up to 25 entries into the adult competition.

What: photo contest

Several categories including the natural world, travel, people and a separate section for photos taken on a mobile phone or tablet.

Who: world wide competition for people over 18.

When: 2018 entries close 30 November 2018

How: Free to enter.

What: Sony world photography awards. Many categories including travel, wildlife, culture, landscape and street photography.

Who: This award has a huge following and covers all levels of photographers from pros to emerging

When: Current competition closes in January 2019. Some categories close on 4 Jan and others on 11 Jan.

How: Free to enter. Detailed information re specific guidelines.

What: Horizons Unlimited annual calendar contest

A competition for travellers to showcase their best images

Who: world wide travel photographers

When: Closed for 2018. The competition to be in the running for a spot on the 2020 calendar will open late 2018 or early 2019.

How: Free to enter. Keep an eye on the website for dates for submissions.

What: Australian Weather Calendar competition

An opportunity to have an Australian weather image featured in the BOM (Bureau of Meteorology) annual calendar.

Who: Open to everyone

When: Entries for the 2020 calendar close 31 March 2019.

How: Free to enter. Hard copies of photographs need to be mailed together with the entry form to the BOM office in Melbourne. Comprehensive guidelines are on the website.

What: Australian Geographic ANZANG Nature Photographer of the Year

Various categories including animal habitat, animal behaviour, animal portrait, threatened species and landscape

Who: open all photographers

When: Closed for 2018. Check the website for 2019 submission dates, usually around March / April

How: All images need to be taken in the ANZANG bioregion (Australia, New Zealand, Antarctica, sub Antarctica and New Guinea).

Cost of a single entry is AU$38 and AU$22 for subsequent entries. Entries must have been taken within seven years of the competition period. Comprehensive guidelines are on the website.

What: IPPA Awards – iPhone Photography Awards

Super popular annual event with many categories including travel, sunset, animals, lifestyle, landscape, nature etc.

Who: Open worldwide to photographers using an iPhone or iPad. Photos can’t be published previously except on personal FB or Insta accounts.

When: Entries close 31 March 2019

How: Entry fee to enter – price various according to how many entries submitted, e.g. single entry = US$3.50, bundle of 15 – US$35.50. Specific guidelines on the website and the 2018 winners page is inspirational.

What: Travel Photographer Society awards

Various categories including, street, people, landscape, animal, architecture, sports

Who: world wide competition

When: Closed for 2018. The 2019 competition should open around mid November 2018 and will close around mid March.

How: Fee to enter – US$9 – US$12.50 depending on early bird or late entry.

What: ASTW Travel Photographer of the Year

Who: ASTW members

When: Entries close 30 April 2019

How: AU$25 per entry. Series of five images required.

What: ASTW Travel Photograph of the Year

Who: ASTW members

When: Entries close 30 April 2019

How: AU$25 per entry.

What: ASTW Best Instagram Photograph

Who: ASTW members

When: Entries close 30 April 2019

How: AU$25 per entry

What: Adventure in Motion Short action films (no more than 5 mins). Sponsored by ATTA and AFAR

Who: world wide competition

When: Closed for 2018. Submissions for 2019 will open in May

How: Free to enter. Finalists decided by FB likes and live vote determines winners.

What: National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year

Categories are – nature, people and cities.

Submissions must have been taken within two years of the date of entry.

Who: List of residents of eligible countries is on the website (Australian residents are eligible)

When: Closed for 2018. Check out 2018 winners on the website. Entries for 2019 competition will open in early April.

How: Each entry is $15USD (based on 2018 competition) Comprehensive guidelines are on the website.

What: World Nomads – annual international competitions based on scholarship programs

Who: Competitions for video, photography and writing.

When: 2018 competitions are closed. Keep an eye on the website for 2019 competitions.

How: Free to enter. The website also has a series of articles with great tips for travel videography, photography and writing.

Here’s also a few magazines that run regular photography competitions:

Wild magazine

get lost magazine

Great Walks magazine

International Traveller magazine ‘your shot’ competition

Photo Review magazine

Also check out the Photo Contest Guru website for a round up of international competitions.