TravMedia adds to over a decade’s ASTW support


THE Australian Society of Travel Writers ( is delighted to announce that TravMedia, recognised as the travel industry’s primary online network for public relations managers to connect with journalists, editors and content creators worldwide has increased its sponsorship support of the ASTW for 2020.

Helen Hayes, President of the ASTW, said that the ongoing support of TravMedia is integral to the operation of the association and its ability to best serve its member database.

“The continued support of TravMedia is a vital support not only to the ASTW but also to the continued development of travel journalism and travel photography, and the encouragement it gives to a continued drive for excellence,” she said.

TravMedia already sponsor the Communicator of the Year, The ASTW Membership Cards, donate Their Appointment Scheduler to the AGM and this year will contribute ASTW writer member’s airfares, as part of their commitment to the success and growth of the ASTW AGM.

Nick Wayland, CEO of TravMedia reconfirmed their financial support of the Association saying, “The ASTW is an invaluable network of editors and journalists who are producing and sharing great content across TravMedia every day.  We are pleased to continue our thriving partnership into next year to foster great relationships within the travel industry.  The partnership between TravMedia and the ASTW continues to be a great resource for year-round support for some of Australian’s most prolific journalists”.

For more information about sponsoring awards, lunches or events; or for membership enquiries, please visit our website for more information or contact secretariat Justine White on

About the ASTW

The ASTW is a 300-strong group of travel writers, editors, radio and television broadcasters and producers, bloggers, guide book authors and photographers (as well as travel industry public relations and marketing professionals) whose work appears regularly in major newspapers, magazines, airwaves and websites across Australia and the world.

All ASTW members must satisfy strict criteria to join and are obligated to substantiate their membership annually by providing details of their published output or industry participation. They must also adhere to a Code of Ethics. By ensuring that only bona fide applicants are admitted, the ASTW maintains its integrity and the professionalism of the travel industry.

About TravMedia:

Established in 1999, TravMedia is recognised as the travel industry’s network for public relations managers to connect with journalists, editors and content creators worldwide. TravMedia enables industry professionals in the travel space to share content, collaborate on campaigns and connect like never before. Providing digital solutions for the travel industry, TravMedia is evolving to become the must-have for public relations, trade and media experts. TravMedia currently operates in 10 countries Australia, United Kingdom, United States, China, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Canada, India, New Zealand, and South Africa – with a community of over 40,000 media and PR members.

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