Here’s an ear’s out to our Aussie bilbies

Here’s an ear’s out to our Aussie bilbies

Each year The Australian Society of Travel Writers (ASTW) donates $1,000 AUD to a worthy cause and
this year, at the AGM on the Sunshine Coast, Emma, a very cute baby Bilby, willingly accepted on behalf of the Save the Bilby Fund.

CEO, Kevin Bradley (he is the one with the beard), told the membership some rather outstanding facts and statistics about Australia’s wildlife such as it is estimated that 7.5 million native Australian animals are killed every night by non-native animals and that Australia has the highest extinction rate in the world.

Members quickly realised their opportunity to be up close with an extremely endangered native Australian animal such as Emma who had no trouble quickly gaining everyone’s attention.

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Five Fast Bilby Facts

  1. Bilbies breed quicker than rabbits with only a 12 to 14-day pregnancy
  2. They are omnivores and eat small lizards, mice, spiders, insects, roots and seeds but drink very little water
  3. Of the two bilbies once found in Australia, the Greater Bilby is the only living species and is currently rated as endangered
  4. Bilbies have a sharp ‘spike’ on the end of their tails and large transparent ears.
  5. Many Australians buy the Easter Bilby instead of the Easter Bunny but not all chocolate manufactures contribute to the fund so always check the fine print or refer to the Save the Bilby website.