The Australian Society of Travel Writers (ASTW) committee today released a Request For Tender for the role of Secretariat and Convention Manager for the ASTW and is inviting interested parties to submit an offer for the contract positions by May 14, 2020.

The tender document can be viewed here. The tender offer must outline which contract the applicant it responding to; Secretariat, Convention Manager or both Secretariat and Convention Manager.

ASTW president Elisa Elwin said the committee is looking forward to the process of filling the role and working closely with the incoming secretariat to shape the future of the organisation post-Covid-19.

“Like our whole industry, the society is at a turning point and the entire committee is working tirelessly around the clock to deliver better processes, greater transparency, and more value to our members”.

For further details, please email

Comprising more than 300 members, the Australian Society of Travel Writers (ASTW) has been the peak travel writing body in the country for more than 40 years. Members include writers, photographers, editors, radio and television presenters, filmmakers, bloggers, digital influencers and public relations representatives who are professionally engaged to produce articles, reviews, photographs, stories and social media commentary on national and international travel destinations and experiences.

For more information about the ASTW, visit our website or contact Saskia Baker or Kylee Kay

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