ASTW Convention accommodation RFT released

June 18, 2020: The Australian Society of Travel Writers (ASTW) committee today released a Request For Tender for an accommodation partner for the upcoming 2020 ASTW Convention scheduled to be held in October in Sydney, NSW. With the release of the RFT, the ASTW is inviting interested parties to submit an offer for the contract position by June 26, 2020. The tender document can be viewed here

 ASTW president Elisa Elwin said the ASTW as a whole is looking forward to reuniting as many members as possible in Sydney after what has been the most turbulent year for the travel and media industry in the history of the ASTW. 

 “We are already in strong discussions with industry partners to assist us in creating our convention and, although it will look different to previous years, the event will be an uplifting and inclusive occasion,” Elwin said.

“The convention will also provide opportunities for members of the ASTW to support our domestic tourism industry, which has also faced unprecedented challenges throughout the year, from the bushfires to the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic,” she says.

Elwin said members of the ASTW are focused on planning stories and content and continuing the relationship with fellow members of the tourism industry by inspiring readers to think about where they next want to travel to.

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The Australian Society of Travel Writers (ASTW) has been the peak travel writing body in the country for more than 40 years. Its more than 350 members include writers, photographers, editors, radio and television presenters, filmmakers, bloggers, digital influencers and public relations representatives who are professionally engaged to produce articles, reviews, photographs, stories and social media commentary on national and international travel destinations and experiences.    

For more information about the ASTW, visit our website or contact our PR representatives Saskia Baker or Kylee Kay

The request for tender document can be viewed here

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