The Australian Society of Travel Writers (ASTW) today farewells Natascha Mirosch from the committee.  Natascha has served since last year’s AGM and has been instrumental in forging change in the awards process, as well as leading sub-committees and spearheading growth in the areas of membership, sponsorships, governance and others.  Natascha had kindly stayed on after an intense and hugely demanding year so as to ensure the successful on-boarding of new committee members. We are grateful for her tireless and continued efforts in shaping the ASTW into a travel media industry authority that is beyond reproach.

Additionally, the committee today is pleased to announce the addition of Scott Podmore (Associate Writer) and Pip Macken (PR member) to the committee. Elisa Elwin remains President, Catherine Marshall Vice-President and Christina Pfeiffer Treasurer.  Pip joins Kylee Kay as a PR member.

ASTW President Elisa Elwin says the committee is looking forward to welcoming the new members and continuing its efforts in carrying the society through what has been an extremely difficult year for us all.

“What a year it has been, and how much we have achieved, despite the unprecedented difficulties,” she says.

“We’re sad to see Natascha go, but understand the need to share the workload across the membership, and are thrilled that Scott and Pip have stepped up to the task.”

Any members wishing to volunteer for remaining casual vacancies can do so by contacting

Comprising more than 300 members, the Australian Society of Travel Writers (ASTW) has been the peak travel writing body in the country for more than 40 years. Members include writers, photographers, editors, radio and television presenters, filmmakers, bloggers, digital influencers and public relations representatives who are professionally engaged to produce articles, reviews, photographs, stories and social media commentary on national and international travel destinations and experiences.

For more information about the ASTW, visit our website or contact Kylee Kay