ASTW 2019/2020 Committee

The ASTW is run by a committee of eight members: six writer members and two PR members. The committee meets monthly to discuss, plan, organise and make decisions that will serve its members, the ASTW and the travel industry as a whole.

Office Bearers

President: Elisa Elwin

Vice President: Catherine Marshall


Secretary: Carla Grossetti

Treasurer: Natascha Mirosch

Writer Representatives

Christina Pfeiffer

Keren Lavelle

Public Relations Representatives

Kylee Kay


Saskia Bakia


ASTW Sub-Committees and Volunteers

Sustainability Sub-Committee

Please get in touch with the sustainability sub-committee via Messenger on Facebook, with any ideas, suggestions or feedback. Our mission is to encourage all ASTW members to work and travel as sustainably as possible and inspire others to travel more sustainably through our words and actions.

Carla Grossetti

Justine Costigan

Louise Southerden

Social Media Team

Kerry Heaney

Jennifer Johnston

Tim Richards

Lunch Coordinators

National and Sydney Lunch Coordinator
Laura Speirs

Brisbane Lunch Coordinator
Sue Fuller

Brisbane Lunch Coordinator
Kerry Heaney

Melbourne Lunch Coordinator
Belinda Jackson

WA Lunch Coordinator
Monique Ceccatto

WA Lunch Coordinator
Dianne Bortoletto

SA Lunch Coordinator
Alexis Buxton-Collins

International Liaison

Danielle Lancaster

ASTW Secretariat and Convention Manager